****Team Schedule****

Our "modified" Team events run from "6-6:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.", from the Pueblo Reservoir South Shore* ramp and marina. Live weigh-in is on the south marina east landing.


****Lunch will be served at the weigh-in!  Please purchase drinks from the Marina Store!****

In this modified format, Anglers are not allowed to fish with the same partner twice in one season! 

**(Non-members are invited to fish! Must be paired with a member and sign a Waiver!)**

All events are a two (2) "keeper" bass (15" min) limit. 

All other PPBM tournament rules apply!

**(Verify ramp used for each event!)**

An email chain, with details of who is in and who is looking, will always be sent out to all club members at least two weeks in advance with continuous updates to the date of the event!

Point System

Points are awarded by finish place. Both (Boater & Co-Angler) receive the same points for the finish and carry the points with them to the end! 

100 pts------1st Place

  95------2nd Place

  92------3rd Place

  90------4th Place

  89------5th Place

  88------6th Place


"No fish" teams get points 2 places less than the last team catching fish! 

You can still win the top prize at the end of the year if the stars align for you!


$70 Entry Fee per Team = $10-Big Bass/$10-Food/$50-Payout

One (1) position paid out per 4 Teams signed up!

Minimum 3 places available for payout per event!

Big Bass Pays (2) spots----1st BB=70% / 2nd BB=30%

No!....You "can not" win both BB payouts!

T-Shirts will be awarded at each event to the winners along with the big $$$$$$$!

There will be an Embroidered Team Champion Jacket awarded to the top points finisher in each Division at the end of this season! Don't slack and miss out on these exclusive Prizes! 

Team Schedule

~~~Team #1~~~ ShiveringShowdown March 23rd, 2019


 Ian Love & Connor Santos "School the Rest" at the 1st Team Event of 2019!

~~~Team #2~~~ ~"Jerkbait Joust"~ May 25th, 2019


Jim Douglas and Richard Riddler team up to win  2nd Team Event of 2019!

~~~Team #3~~~ MidSpringMadness June 15th, 2019


Don Evans and Ben Murphy Team pull away a win at 3rd Team Event!

~~~Team #4~~~ "Big Belly Brawl" July 6th, 2019


Team of Dave Kaltenbaugh/Rick Haman just  get across the line first and win the 4th Team Event!

~~~Team #5~~~ "Summertime Slam" August 24th, 2019

PPBM Tournament Rules!

PPBM Tournament Rules (pdf)


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