"Elevating Colorado's best Bass anglers for 38 years!"

The Pikes Peak Bassmasters

"Yes!....There are Bass in Colorado!"


"No boat necessary to join and fish with us!"

The Pikes Peak Bassmasters, located in Colorado Springs, CO, is now in its "38th year" of helping members learn the fundamentals of competitive bass fishing! We offer both "Individual and modified Team Tournament" opportunities for your choice of fun filled days bass fishing with us! 

Beginners to the Advanced angler....this is your club!


B.A.S.S. & FLW Affiliated

This club is both "B.A.S.S and FLW" affiliated, making the Pikes Peak Bassmasters a "one stop shop”  bass club for fun or competitive bass fishing! Join us and instantly become a member of the Colorado B.A.S.S. Nation! You can then also join and be part of the TBF --all through joining this one bass club! Both bass entities have “State level events” that are your first step at getting into any "Bass Fishing World Championship!" 


A Gateway to the "Highest" level of Competition!

In over 40 years, Colorado has only produced three anglers able to fish their way into a "Bass Fishing World Championship!" Two of those anglers were Pikes Peak Bassmasters


Santos & Hackett win again!------2019 Championship

How do you stop a train on a full roll?

You don't!

Just get out of the way and watch in awe as it blows by everything in its path.........totally unstoppable!

Pro side

Connor Santos--------1st place  (31.17 lbs)   

Joe Conway------------2nd place (22.45 lbs)

Don Evans--------------3rd place  (21.36 lbs)

Co Side

Andy Hackett-----------1st Place (21.32 lbs)

Andy Cremisino--------2nd Place(17.88 lbs)

Ian Love------------------3rd Place (14.31 lbs)

Andy Hackett continues to gain experience every year and is showing he retains what he has learned by winning on the Co-side in "Back to Back" events!

                          "More to Come! Video will be up soon too!"

At A Glance!

"Individual/Draw" Results/Standings


Draw #5 Boyd-(Aug 17th, 2019)

1st-Connor Santos-Pro (9.39 lbs) 

1st-Andy Hackett-Co (3.63 lbs)

**C. Santos wins AOY Title!-Pro**

**Don Evans wins ROY-Pro Div!**

*Robert Morris wins AOY Title-Co*

*Doug Wright wins ROY-Co Div!*

"Modified Team" Results/Standings


Team Zyer/Gentzel win 2019 

"Summertime Slam"- Aug 24th! 

(2 @ 6.33lbs-BB @ 4.39)-100pts

**Don Evans wins Pro Div by 1 pt!

*R. Riddler wins Co Div!

President's View!


Larry Krueger (PPBM Pres) has some insight to share with everyone! 

July's View is available!

BASS(CBN)-State News!

New B.A.S.S Division Maps

Colorado becomes part of the New BASS Central Division!

FLW(TBF)-State News!


Sam Heckman-(Pro) & Brian Wiese-(Co & PPBM Member) headed for TBF Nationals representing Colorado!